Accession Series

To view images of the Accession™ series, see links below.

Accession™ Series display solutions are budget conscious alternatives when conservation and security are still a concern. Minimalist by design, Accession™ features a larger glass to cabinet ratio. Glass panels feature mitered glass panels sealed with cast-in-place silicon seals for the standing cases and clear UV cured adhesive on the table case line. Clear White laminated safety glass and desiccant storage are available options. Standing cases can be fabricated with a light hood or as a glass top. Ideal for interior spaces where objects can be viewed in the round. Fabric wrapped display deck is one the many standard features of the Series.

  • Conservation quality
  • European styling with lower cabinetry to glass ratio
  • Glass top or light hoods
  • Frame-less design
  • Numerous glass options
  • Available in a variety of finish colors

Please call or email for more information or visit our Resources page to download a PDF brochure. See examples of Accession™ Series display cases clicking on the gallery links below. Send us your display requirements for a free display solution estimate.