Free and Wall Standing Display Cases

HGI free standing and wall standing display cases offer unobstructed all glass viewing without any vertical mullions. Glass options include low iron (Clear White-CW) laminated safety glass and anti-reflective CW laminated safety glass.  Glass edges are precision ground and polished and feature compression seals or cast-in-place silicon seals.

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Viewall® Freestanding
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Viewall® is high conservation, high security case, welded steel construction with maximum glass area . Glass panels can be butt jointed or mitered and use a compression seal to keep dust out and allow for passive or mechanical humidity control options. Low iron and anti-reflective glass options provide accurate color presentation and a clearer viewing experience.

Lighting choices include LED and fiber optic options that address UV radiation and heat concerns in the display environment.

The size and shape of a Viewall® freestanding display case can be a traditional square or rectangular case or octagon shaped as shown in the image above left.



Vista™ Freestanding

Vista™ free and wall standing
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The Vista™ line of standing display cases is available in a free standing version with four visible glass sides and wall standing cases with fabric wrapped or painted back panels with glass side panels and door panels.

The Vista™ series comes standard with a regular float glass with laminated safety glass option. Lighting is provided by flush mounted LED ceiling lights. Case interiors can be painted or fabric wrapped and shelving options are available.

Vista™ series inherits many of the security features that are incorporated into the Viewall® line making it ideal for municipal applications such as schools and government buildings. The modular construction of a Vista™ case makes glass panel replacement in the event of damage, a breeze.


Accession™ Series

Accession™ Freestanding
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Clean European design is the basis of the Accession™ Series of free standing display solutions. Available with LED lighting or as a glass top. An excellent choice for budget minded museums, corporate offices and private collectors.

Shelving is supported on stainless steel cables that practically disappear allowing your clients and guests to view your treasures with ease. Bases and light boxes are available painted or a wood veneer option.