Glass Panel Systems

HGI offers a line of glass panel systems in any combination of fixed and/or hinged glass panels for general contractors, architectural mill work companies, exhibit fabricators and museums with in-house build capabilities. These systems are available as the Viewall® Front and Vista™ Front component systems.

Front component systems can be used to convert a niche in a wall into a display space or can be installed into casework. Unlike other glass panel systems on the market that have to be pieced together from individual components, the HGI Front system ships as a complete package that includes, the glass holding rails, the glass, hinges, locks and alignment mechanisms.

These component parts are assembled to C-channels making installation a snap. The C-channel ensures that the glass panels are in alignment. Front systems can feature any combination of fixed and hinged glass panels. Complete installation instructions are provided.

Viewall Front Component system

Viewall® Front component system with wood clad glass holding rails.

Viewall® Front component systems feature the same high strength hinges used on Viewall display cases and can support doors up to eight feet wide and over eight feet tall. Hinges, high security locks and stainless steel alignment pins are fully concealed behind the glass holding rails and are mounted to a steel C-channel.

Further customization is possible by adding our seal package for dust infiltration control at the doors. A Front Extended option includes a welded steel upper and lower frame with options for lighting and our stainless steel shelf hanging system. Laminated safety glass is standard in either 3/8″ or 1/2″ thicknesses with low-iron laminated and anti-reflective glass options.


Vista Front component system

Vista™ Front component system trophy cases.

Vista™ Front systems feature fully concealed hinges, security locks and alignment blocks mounted to an aluminum C-channel. Any combination of fixed and hinged glass panels are possible in heights up to 72 inches. Laminated safety glass is standard with an option for low-iron laminated safety glass. Hinged glass panels are available in widths up to 42 inches with fixed panels available in widths to 96 inches.

The Vista Front system is popular for K-12 and university applications such as trophy or feature cases.