Storage Solutions (old)

Helmut Guenschel, Inc. offers customers a high level of flexibility when it comes to options for storing works of art and other artifacts. Whether you need behind the scenes storage or visible storage, send us your designs and we can put a solution together that will serve your needs and fit your budget.

Off-line storage is available in several configurations from expanded metal to stainless steel grids, ceiling suspended to floor supported. Benefits inherent with the HGI storage system include vibration free travel, maximized space utilization, and quiet operation among others. Storage options include vertical pull-out storage panels, open shelving, drawer storage, work tables, and transport and display easels. Give us a call to discuss why HGI should provide your next storage project.

Visible study storage is a storage option that doubles as an exhibit space. Our high quality components are an excellent fit for this application where frequent door opening and closing as well as shelf adjustment is the norm rather than the exception. Small objects can be stored and viewed in protected and secure storage drawers.

In 2011, we introduced the new quick adjust shelf support cube that eliminates the need for an allen wrench to adjust shelf height. Inexpensive external lighting options provide plenty of light without the introduction of heat into the display case at a fraction of the cost of fiber optic lighting. HGI visible study storage can be seen at the Luce Center in Washington, DC, at Johns Hopkins’ Gilman Hall and at Cornell University’s Johnson Museum of Art.

Follow the links below to see some images of storage solutions. After looking through the image galleries, contact us via email at, by phone at 800.852.2525 or via the Resource page.

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