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Viewall Custom Display Solutions Gallery

From time to time the standard style of display case just doesn’t fit the requirements and design intentions. At such times, be confident that Helmut Guenschel, Inc. can provide the answers that you need to meet the display solution challenges.

Viewall® Big Door technology is based on the Helmut Guenschel designed and patented fully concealed dual action hinge system. This marginally larger version of the already discrete standard hinge allows for a disproportionally larger door that can be 8 ft by 12 ft and beyond. These big doors provide large areas of unobstructed viewing and unmatched access to display spaces.

Whether it is an unusually large door, the latest in security and conservation, or unique artifact display, HGI has the experience that matters most. Take a tour of our custom product gallery to get an idea of how Helmut Guenschel, Inc. can make your design intentions reality. To read more about the Viewall product line, click here.