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A low-iron alternative that provides a view of artifacts without the greenish tint associated with standard laminated float glass.

U.S. Army Ordnance School & Museum, Fort Lee

Viewall® Wall standing display case.We recently completed the final delivery of display cases to the U.S. Army Ordnance School & Museum in Fort Lee, Virginia. The display solutions included table cases and wall standing display cases. The wall standing cases came in two flavors, one with locking storage below the exhibit space and one with locking pullout exhibit drawers supplied with lockable glass covers.

The table cases are built to last, featuring glass vitrines and strong slab end table bases. The glass vitrines feature mitered corners and clear UV cured joints providing an unobstructed view of the artifacts in the case. The fabric wrapped display decks offset the artifacts elegantly. Silicone seals ensure that dust infiltration is limited. The furniture quality slab end bases featured book matched maple veneer with a natural finish.

The wall standing display cases were equipped with fiber optic lighting, clear white laminated safety glass, dust seals and fabric wrapped display decks and back panels. The base portions feature the same furniture quality book matched maple veneer with a natural finish. The drawer fronts came out of hand selected sheets to ensure a continuous grain flow over the extent of the drawers.

The large single panel doors swing open effortlessly and smoothly providing an unrestricted access to the display space. Heat within the display area is eliminated through the use of fiber optic lighting that keeps the heat source located securely outside of the sealed display space. The natural linen wrapped panels provide an elegant and clean backdrop to the artifacts that will be stored within. Desiccant drawers are secured out of view providing Viewall® Wall standing display case.a balanced humidity level through out the display case. The passive system is both quiet and not dependent upon a power source to function.

Quality, conservation and security are the hallmark of Helmut Guenschel, Inc display solutions. Our display solutions are fabricated right here in the United States in Baltimore, MD ensuring that we do our part to keep the economy moving forward.

Army Heritage Center, Carlisle, PA

When was the last time that you were at the Army Heritage Center? Now is the time to visit this unique museum located in beautiful south central Pennsylvania. The Carlisle, PA museum recently took delivery of two very large Viewall® display cases installed by the talented technicians from Helmut Guenschel, Inc.

Each display case measures a whopping 10′ wide by 10′ deep and 8′ tall with clear white laminated safety glass and fiber optic lighting. These museum quality display cases are sealed against dust and feature a passive climate control system. The fiber optic lighting ensures that there is no heat transfer to the interior of these sealed environments.

The clear white laminated safety glass allows visitors to see the beauty of the flags without the greenish tint associated with regular glass and also protects the flags from harmful UV rays. Each display case features a pair of doors measuring five feet wide by eight feet tall that swing open effortlessly, providing a wide clear path that allows museum personnel to slide the flag display pedestals into the case.

Photo Credit: Army Heritage Museum, U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Army War College, Carlisle Barracks

Johns Hopkin’s Gilman Hall Display Cases

The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum at Gilman Hall was once again the focus of an article. Helmut Guenschel Inc. is proud to have had the opportunity to provide the display solutions that define the space of this museum. As the article by Catherine P. Foster from the ASOR at the Boston University points out, a thousand fiber optic fixtures provide the light for the 650 artifacts on display. Please read more from the article by following the link below to find out more about this fine Johns Hopkins facility and the conservation quality display cases that help define the space within. Included below are some pictures from the article.

Credit for the article and pictures seen here go to the fine folks at ASOR at the Boston University and the author Catherine P. Foster. Original article can be found here.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science

What do you do when you need to get two bodies on display along with a big rock? You call the display solution experts at Helmut Guenschel, Inc. and they fabricate and install a disappearing case that puts all of the focus on your exhibit. We specialize in custom display cases built to fit your specifications. Check out the abs on that guy!



You can watch a video of the case assembly and exhibit installation below thanks to the good folks at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.